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Turkish yacht built gulets enjoy a long lasting reputation in the mediterranean and are much more spacious than any other sailing yachts and are built with epoxy laminated mahogany with west system epoxy lamination and the gulets can be built for up to 10 cabins which are mostly preferred by cabin charter agencies.

Turkish gulets can be build upto 40 meters in length anything bigger that that size we propose to use steel  as construction material  they offer much more fresh water capacity and provision storage space in order to carry out longer yacht charter holidays in Turkish coastal waters and the neighbouring greek islands. most gulets are built with twin screw and twin generators not to mention fully air conditioned confortable cabins and state of the art luxury accomodations and amenities aboard.

Motor Sailer Building

Turkish Gulet building industry is leading the way with innovative design and space age materials to build large and luxury motor sailer gulets which can be called goelettes, goletas, gullets, gulets and also caique or caicco in latin languages. Gulet consctruction prices in Turkey vary depending on number of cabines and/or owner’s choice of spacious designs to compete with luxury motor yacht building, considering the sailing capacity and professional rigging of the gulet.  they are equal or superior in many ways to motoryachts with gulets long range capacity with sails and stability advantages due to their long and heavy keel.  If you are considering to Build a Turkish Gulet from Steel , epoxy lamination or composite materials please feel free to consult with us.

Yacht Designer Building Yacht Design in Turkey Our Shipyards are located in Tuzla region Istanbul, Antalya Free zone, Bodrum Tavsanburnu and Fethiye Karagozler. our team of craftsmen have the good reputation as manufacturers of high quality Gulets, Motoryachts and...
yacht-design-and-building Yacht Building in Turkey We have been successfully building Gulets and motoryachts since 1988 previously yacht design and building technics was carried out with classic carpentry, design and craftmanship, as well as construction materials used...

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